We are creators.

Creating opportunities - and activations -  that celebrate, educate and creating unforgettable experiences, always. 

From concept through to operations or consulting, we do it all. 

Kao Kreative are behind some of the biggest events on the NSW South Coast or have worked with the crews that are! 


We are conversation starters.

We get the people you need talking, talking.


More importantly, we know how – and where – your audience will engage.

From traditional to social media and all the opportunities in between. We can create and manage campaigns to suit all budgets and where and why you need to invest - if you need to invest anything at all. 


We are communication experts.


We specialise in traditional and social media, stakeholder communication, content creation and strategy, crisis management and mitigation,


We have worked with some of the country’s biggest brands, personalities and businesses across a range of industries. We understand the inner workings and importance of reaching your audience and how to get cut-through, always.

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Kao Kreative is a fully-faceted event, PR and marketing company based on the NSW South Coast.

We are committed to creating activations, events, and opportunities that are as engaging as they are entertaining.

We’re doers. We’re a small experienced team that knows how to get a job done and all the moving parts to make that happen. We're fortunate to collaborate with some of the country's biggest and best and deliver some of the largest and iconic activations on the NSW South Coast. 

We are proving, one event or activation at a time, that being small is no longer a disadvantage. Small businesses are the engine room of the economy and we're here to support those who are aspiring to do great things.

And we're not alone. Here's a quick insider tip... it’s all about the people - it’s not always what you know, it’s who you know - and we've surrounded ourselves with the best! 

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Courtney Beaton

Courtney is an experienced event operator and marketer who has spent the best part of 12 years managing the marketing, media and commercial partnerships for a number of companies across a range of industries.


Kao Kreative was launched almost ten years ago to fulfil a desire to chase a dream – not a specific or measurable dream, just a knowing that the daily routine and corporate world was not where she wanted to be – at least not every day. She didn’t want to be boxed and she didn’t want to be defined. She wanted to be the businesswoman and she wanted to be the mum. With a passion for sport, all things creative and culture, she has built an outlet that allows her to be all of that and as a result, has worked with and for some of the biggest names and businesses in the country.

She’s the creative (ok, ok, read: chaos) behind the business, but understands the frugal and unpredictable link between client and consumer – no two are EVER the same.

She’s also talking about herself in the third person because, well, we operate on tight budgets and tighter timelines and when you’re on a deadline for content, you just get in and get it done. Told you - we’re do-ers. 

Julie Orellana

Operations and logistics

Our white tiger. That rare, endangered breed, that genuinely enjoys paperwork and reporting.

She’s thorough, she’s experienced and she’s worked alongside, for and as part of some of the biggest events and activations on the planet, including the Commonwealth Games.

Forget long walks on the beach and romantic dinners, give this woman a bike, the bush and a folder full of to-be-completed TMP’s, RA’s and event manuals and she’s as happy as a pig in sh….she’s happy, she’s in her happy place.




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