The Happy Fox - Brad + Renee

We’ve just celebrated our two-year anniversary.

It’s been a dream to be honest, right up until the last few days. We’ve expanded the business to twice the size of when we first opened; we’re employing more staff than ever before and we’re still together – what more can you ask for!

Getting here hasn’t been easy, if I'm honest, we’re exhausted.

We do it all. The food, the prep, the social media, anything that comes out from this business has been touched, one way or another by Brad or I.

It’s the stuff that people don’t see that keeps us busiest – the preparation, the orders, the enquiries, the pays and accounts, Facebook, Instagram, we’re doing functions and events now, and will again when we’re able, which has also been an extension of the business and with all of this, there is paperwork. There is so much paperwork.

I take care of a lot of the day-to-day business – I’m the face behind the coffee machine or the one who meets you at the door…cleaning tables or taking orders, but I’m also trying to keep the back-end running so what you see at the front is seamless, always.

Brad runs the Kitchen and makes sure it's prepped and ready for each day (there's no escaping paperwork, not even in the kitchen). He has an unquestionable passion for food and that’s where and how we’ve got to where we are today. Our customers appreciate that extra touch of personality and passion in everything we offer and the quality of everything we serve up. Ultimately, I think it’s made the difference.

When we first opened, we were working multiple jobs just to make ends meet and to get the Happy Fox up and running to where we wanted it be. We’d be running the cafe by day and then Brad would be working in a kitchen by night, I’d be cutting hair and bussing tables. It was mental, I look back now and have no idea how we did it, but we did it and we did it knowing the end goal. This. We have seven staff here now. When you work with someone all day, several days a week, they become more than just employees. They become family and several have families of their own they need to support through these crazy times too. We’re so lucky they understand where we are at right now and that we’re doing everything within our power to keep the business running and keep them employed, albeit, their hours might be reduced, but they’re employed.

We’re running takeaways right now; Brad’s prepared a new menu designed specifically for it and coffee continues as normal. I’ve got my esky ready and we’re preparing to commence our home deliveries tomorrow – I’m actually excited for it!

The lesson in this, is adapt. Businesses have to find a way to adapt or reinvent their business one way or another. We have no idea where this is leading too – or how long but we’re not ready to just close our doors, once that happens, we’re back to square one and we’ve put too much into this to simply close up and walk away. Not today.

We’re so grateful that so many regulars are continuing to support us through this, it’s actually been all a bit overwhelming at times. People are coming in a lot worse off than us and are still upbeat and prepared to push on because that’s their only choice right now and if I could, I’d hug every damn one of them. They’re the stories that keep us grounded and keep us determined, more than ever, to get through the other side of this – and we’ll be stronger for it. Who would have thought opening a humble little cafe would create so many amazing relationships, friendships and memories. This has become so much more than just a daily coffee for so many of our regulars and that’s what we miss the most. The people who make this space everything we ever dreamed, and then some. We miss that vibe and can’t wait to re-open for normal trade again soon, hopefully!

The Happy Fox

1/17 George Street

Warilla 2528

PHONE ORDERS: 0478 955 663





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